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Old school is a word that comes to mind when I look at thisValor Fitness BE - Smith machine,And I mean that well. value is much more like aforging machinewould you see in yourslocal gym🇧🇷 It's not full of cheap accessories and pulleys.

The BE Value is one thing and it's just a well-built autonomous Smith machine.

Rugged 4″x2″ measuring frame – 1000lb capacity

Thing looks solid! Constructed from heavy duty 4" x 2" 12 gauge steel. The menacing steel beast Valor looks ready to take anything you throw at it. With a 1,000 pound capacity, there's nothing quite like the BE Valor in the sub-$1,000 price range.

In this review, we take a look at Valor Fitness' forge machine. I will also compare the Valor to two other similarly priced forging machines. So if you have a few minutes, it's worth reading End.

Product Specifications


Product Dimensions -53"P x 73.25"L x 80.5"W folded


Weight - 258 pounds


Weight Capacity: 1000 lbs.


Precision linear roller bearings

(Video) Valor Fitness BE-11, Smith Machine


Extras – weight plate holder

What do we like about the Valor Fitness BE - 11 Smith machine?

The first thing I liked about the BE-11 was the high quality 4″ x 2″ tubing that brings this machine close to commercial quality. Valor mentions that the BE-11 can be used for light commercials. Therefore, it is more than suitable for a home gym.

And second, the broad appeal of Valors. I've seen several Smith Remedies in the sub-$1,000 range that only appeal to beginners or intermediate lifters due to their low max capacity, some as low as 300lbs.

The Valor offers a whopping 1000lb capacity that will appeal to most powerlifters and bodybuilders and I have no doubt it can handle it.

soft travel strap

A smooth sliding bar is essential to getting the most out of your forging machine. There are a zillion forging machines out there that still use bushings to slide down the bars smoothly, but from experience I can tell that bushings have a very long way to go in experience. Soft!

Linear bearings are exactly what you want and luckily the Valor Fitness comes standard with them. Many users have commented on how smoothly the bar moves on the vertical steel guide bars with the Valor bearing system.

Check aYukon Caribou III Herrera machinelast week, and yes, not a bad machine for the price, solid, versatile. If you wanted linear bearings, however, you'd have to shell out an extra $200 for the privilege, something you shouldn't bother with on a machine that costs over $1,000.

You're starting to see just how good value the BE Value - 11 is.


It goes without saying that any fitness equipment you buy needs to be sturdy if you want to lift weights. And at 258 pounds of steel, the Valor's weight should help keep it stable during use.

As you may have noticed, the Valor features weight plate mounts on the back of the machine; These aren't just good for keeping dishes off the floor. They're also another great way to help keep your Smith machine stable.

Load the weight plate holders with all your weight plates and you'll add 200-300 pounds of extra weight to the machine, helping keep it completely off the ground. (make sure to load each side evenly)

The Valor machine also has rubberized feet. The protected feet go a long way in preventing unwanted slipping problems on hard floors... they also do a great job of protecting floors.

And if you really want this thing to be rock solid and not afraid of a little DIY, then bolt it to the floor!

(Video) Valor Fitness BE-11 Smith Machine - Ideal for Home Use

Valor Fitness Smith BE-11 Machine Review (Including Video) (2)

Will it meet my needs?

Smith machines have been shown to be just as effective as free weights at building muscle mass and because of this the Valor machine will meet most people's needs.

Breaking it down a bit, we can see the appeal of a Smith machine like the Valor in helping novice and intermediate users lift progressively heavier weights safely and consistently.

It can be difficult for beginners to start with a barbell and compound movements at home without a spotter; Therefore, a Smith machine is a good choice for beginners who want to progress to heavy barbell work but lack confidence. or try dumbbell exercises with free weights.

The main reason an experienced lifter might buy a Smith machine is so they can lift heavy weights relatively safely without having to worry about balance or being crushed by the barbell. And with a 1,000-pound weight capacity and an affordable price point, the Valor will be a safe bet for most.

Smith machines certainly have their advantages in the world of bodybuilding and powerlifting, but remember that you don't do your entire workout on a Smith machine as they are great for presses and squats. You're pushing away the stabilizer muscles, so to activate them, remember to mix them up a bit and do some dumbbell compounds as well.

And never deadlift with any of those things, the range of motion is very limited. This will teach you bad form and, at worst, cause an injury.

  • Therefore, the Valor Smith machine is excellent forto presssquatsheavy lifting- Some money -own weightand remember to incorporate other dumbbell exercises into your routine.

The good

Strong and durable steel frame

14 The Fang Position

1000 lb weight capacity

(Video) BE-11 Smith Machine - Assembly | Valor Fitness

3 year warranty on frame

Affordable price for a quality lightweight commercial Smith machine

linear bearing

The evil

Counterbalance system sold separately


Valor Fitness Smith BE-11 Machine Review (Including Video) (3)

Deltech Fitness Bering-Smith Linear Machine

The Deltech is another excellent, hassle-free, standalone Smith machine. Constructed from durable 11 and 14 gauge steel thatSmith Deltech fitness machineIt's a durable machine that has just enough to rival the Valor BE - 11.

A surprisingly heavy Smith machine at 271 pounds considering it costs $200 less than the Valor. The weight is a telltale sign that the Deltech is made with quality materials and built to last.

Deltech offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, which is impressive at this price point and shows how confident Deletch is in their Smith machine.

Like Valor, it shouldn't have too many stability issues. The Deltech includes four weight plate holders that you can carry around to add extra weight and increase stability. Again, we see rubberized feet that aid in gliding and floor protection.

Again, there are no bushings to move the bar, thankfully Deltech ensures the bar slides smoothly thanks to the liner bearing system. The addition of a pull-up bar is a feature Deltch can be proud of to Valor.

I admit that I cannot find anything negative about this machine. It is a smooth slide bar crack forging machine with excellent construction.

The only thing that might put some users off is the slightly lower max capacity of 700lbs for the Deltech versus 1000lbs for the Valor. If you can live with the 700lb max capacity, which most certainly can, then Deletch should be high on your list.


Valor Fitness Smith BE-11 Machine Review (Including Video) (4)

Yukon Fitness Karibu III

Im Yukon bekommen Sie viel für Ihr Geld, obwohl Sie mich nicht von den Dächern loben werden, aber für den Preis kann ich mich wirklich nicht beschweren. Und es gibt einige Eigenschaften, die ich am Yukon wirklich mag.

First off, the Yukon isn't just a Smith machine, it also has a free weight station on the front of the machine that you can use to bench press, deadlift, etc.

A high and low pulley is included as well as an adjustable bench which is a full FID bench (flat, incline, incline) and the cool thing about the bench is that they actually thought of including an adjustable seat which is very useful is to prevent your butt from slipping down or bench. in low incline positions.

And this machine weighs 455 pounds, about 390 pounds if you don't include the bench, so stability shouldn't be an issue.

But unfortunately if you want the Yukon to look like a Smith machine you used at your local gym, you'll have to pay another $200 to upgrade the bushings to linear bearings.

It's not a difficult task, many users who have bought the Yukon have made the switch and said it's very easy. They also mentioned that it made a difference and turned the Yukon into a commercial looking machine.

If you're looking for a Smith machine that offers a little more than most and don't mind spending a little money on a stock upgrade, the Yukon is worth a closer look.

To sum up

I have reviewed a number of Valor Fitness products and they never fail to impress, most of their equipment receiving high ratings of 4/5 and 5/5 from users and theSmith Valor Fitnessgerät BE-11 is no exception. A well designed heavy weight piece of equipment for your home gym.

The Valor's 1000-pound capacity ensures you won't be outgrowing this machine any time soon. It is the best Smith standalone machine currently available under $1,000. With the Deltech Fitness Smith Machine coming in second place.


(Video) BE-11CB Smith Machine Counterbalance - Installation | Valor Fitness


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