Plate Carrier Types: Stronger Than a High Velocity Bullet | WITHDRAWAL FROM THE NETWORK (2023)

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CWhen it comes to personal, family and home protection, we spend a lot of time talking about weapons, not just our own, but also those of a potential adversary. But there's a second part of this conversation that often doesn't get enough attention: the bulletproof vest. The proliferation of commercially available rigid armored plates has created a growing market for plate support. On one side are the "soft" ultra-minimalist license plate holders. They should generally be worn under light clothing that can carry little to no gear. At the other extreme are military-style license plate holders, which typically come with a series of pockets permanently sewn into the body of the license plate holder. These pouches hold everything from spare magazines to radios, grenades, hydration, and everything in between. The fastest growing segment of the conveyor market is the mid-tier modular slat conveyor option. These racks can be worn bare, but often feature Velcro or buckle attachment points to make it easy to add pockets, chest gear, or interchangeable placards to carry different loads. With so many shapes, sizes, and configurations of license plate holders available, we wanted to give a few examples of what's out there, the best uses, and configuration options. Your needs will determine what type of sign holder works best for you, but here are a few examples from across the spectrum of styles...

"Slick" Dish Drainer

the bellyAn utterly minimalist expression of rigid armor plate execution, autonomous transports are the best option when discretion is the order of the day. These types of tote bags can be made for anyone, but they disappear under a light windbreaker, button-down shirt, or even an oversized T-shirt. If you want armor protection but don't carry a rifle, this might be the way to go. These types of magazines integrate seamlessly with your regular EDC, imposing minimal wardrobe restrictions and allowing unimpeded access to IWB holsters and other defensive tools.

Plate Carrier Types: Stronger Than a High Velocity Bullet | WITHDRAWAL FROM THE NETWORK (1)

Above: First Spear's "Slick" Plate Carrier is an entry-level ultralight carrier designed for maximum stealth.

Our example here comes from First Spear and is aptly named "Slick". The slick is the sleekest, slimmest grip you could ask for from an armor wearer. The body of the stretcher is made of ultra-fine elastic fabric with an elastic waist that fastens with velcro. It also features velcro adjustable nylon shoulder straps. This model is specifically designed for low-profile law enforcement, intelligence and security missions where armor must be worn under any type of street clothing. If you remove the panels, the entire rack can be rolled up and stored in a large cargo pocket. It's not designed to carry gear directly on the carrier, but can be paired with a minimalist chest rig (like the Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed ​​we discussed in issue 36) if the situation calls for it.

A pet carrier like this could be useful for family members who haven't been deployed as first responders to an armed threat but want to be protected from those threats. It is also an excellent option to take the car with you when you are in high-risk areas or need to drive through urban areas with civil unrest.

Plate Carrier Types: Stronger Than a High Velocity Bullet | WITHDRAWAL FROM THE NETWORK (2)

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"full" crockery basket

At the other end of the spectrum are "full-up" or direct action oriented dedicated cardholders. These transports have integrated cargo transport and are preferred by military special operations and law enforcement tactical teams, who almost always operate with a carbine or submachine gun and require support equipment such as radios, hydration supplies, extra ammunition and distraction devices.

Plate Carrier Types: Stronger Than a High Velocity Bullet | WITHDRAWAL FROM THE NETWORK (3)

Above: Tyr Tactical's Basic Plate Carrier is a design fit for full-time tactical teams and armed professionals alike, but it will be hard to conceal when fully loaded.

Our example is the basic plate carrier from Tyr Tactical. The BPC comes with PALS clips for attaching MOLLE pouches and includes a "kangaroo" pouch on the front that can hold three AR-style magazines. This particular transport was used by the author during his work as a foreign serious threat protection specialist. In addition to the kangaroo pouch, an additional magazine pouch, emergency medical kit, flashlight pouch, and water bottle holder have been added for daily protection duties in war zones.

The usefulness of this mode of transport for the "average person" is somewhat limited due to its volume and clear profile. But if you're guarding a ranch, business, or other large piece of property where the use of rifles is warranted and appearing armed (or armored) isn't an issue, the ability to carry additional ammo and gear can add to the load—an issue your blessing. .

Modular registration holder

Modular conveyors are quickly becoming the most popular type of slat conveyor due to their flexible and reconfigurable nature. They offer the best of both worlds for those looking for a single plate carrier to cover a multitude of potential scenarios. These can be used as a simple stand or in a complete setup with additional banners and hanging pockets.

Plate Carrier Types: Stronger Than a High Velocity Bullet | WITHDRAWAL FROM THE NETWORK (4)Above: The MEPC defense mechanisms with poster of Maximus.

Here we see the mission essential defense mechanisms plate carrier (MEPC). The MEPC can be assembled on the Defense Mechanisms website, adding different sizes of harness pouches and different styles of cummerbunds a la carte. This allows you to build the luggage rack that best suits your needs. Speaking of the cummerbund, there are four versions available: a 3" and 5" wide version with two and three rows of MOLLE nylon webbing, respectively. Each is available as a pure MOLLE version or as a "hybrid" waistband that features a section of MOLLE mesh attached to a section of elastic material. The hybrid version can expand/contract to accommodate additional layers of clothing or small size differences between multiple wearers; this variant also comes with ROC quick release buckles. These quick release latches are useful when using the MEPC with a cardor chest pack so you can connect/disconnect the carrier without lifting the shield to start it offVelcro between waist and front pocket. Our test sample came with the hybrid 5-inch fret. The MEPC comes with two Fastex buckles sewn to the front of the mount for easy banner use and to minimize bulk if you choose to have hassle-free operation.

Plate Carrier Types: Stronger Than a High Velocity Bullet | WITHDRAWAL FROM THE NETWORK (5)

Defense mechanisms offer their own front banners that are self-scalable, but we wanted to illustrate the cross-compatibility of these types of plate/support systems. So for our "heavy" setup we use a Maximus markerHRT Tactical Gear🇧🇷 HRT manufactures its own carrier, but due to de facto standardization for plate clamping, there were no problems transferring its Maximus plate to the MEPC. We really like the Maximus for situations where you have to carry a lot of cargo: it comes with a kangaroo pouch for ammo, two square utility pouches, and pistol-sized pockets on each end. This sign was also designed for maximum modularity. Open pouches for pistol magazines contain flexible polymer inserts for magazine retention. Since they are attached with velcro, we removed them and reused these pouches to carry a pair of SOFT-T tourniquets. The kangaroo ammo pouch is also lined with Velcro, and the Maximus is available with three styles of soft-loop inserts for different types of magazines: a tri-mag insert for AR-15-style magazines, a double magazine insert for AR- 15, larger than 10, FAL or M14 and a five-round cartridge chambered for pistol-caliber submachine gun or carbine cartridges. Both utility bags have handles for storing gear. We used one for medical equipment and one for pyrotechnic equipment: a Sport Smoke grenade and an IWA international civilian flashbang device. This plate and mount combination gives us a top-tier armor configuration, ideal for tactical training or high-threat defensive scenarios.

If you just need a couple of spare magazines, Tactical Tailor makes Velcro magazine pouches (not pictured) that attach directly to the loop plate on the front of the MEPC. This gives you a few extra reloads without the bulk of a bigger poster like the Maximus.

Plate Carrier Types: Stronger Than a High Velocity Bullet | WITHDRAWAL FROM THE NETWORK (6)

If you already have a separate chest strap, it can also be integrated into the MEPC as long as your buckles are correctly aligned. A small company called AXL Advanced makes a useful product called the Chest Rig Retention Kit. This kit consists of four Fastex buckles on elasticated loops that can be threaded through the MOLLE loops on the waistband. The system allows you to connect a variety of trunk devices to your modular drive rack. This is a great tool to have in your gear closet if you want to run multiple types of carriers with one chest rig.

In our examples here you can see themred gearEmergency Management Rack Chest Rig, featured in issue #38 as a stand-alone chest rig. With theAXL for advanced usersKit, the same equipment has been adapted for the aircraft carrier Defense Mechanisms as a placard. Now all you need is a single log deck that works with two types of dish rack configurations.

Plate Carrier Types: Stronger Than a High Velocity Bullet | WITHDRAWAL FROM THE NETWORK (7)

(Video) Spartan Armor Systems Level III+ AR550 Body Armor

Above: The AXL Advanced Chest Rig Adapter Kit can adapt harnesses to plate carriers with its clever buckle and elastic band system.

But when a banner or chest rig alone isn't enough to carry loads, modular plate carriers can be supplemented with drop or seat bags, sometimes called hangers. Hanging freely below the license plate holder, these bags are typically used by tactical teams to carry medical, offense, or signal supplies. To illustrate this, we experimented with the Modular Organized Removable (ROM) bag.Gadsden Dynamics🇧🇷 The ROM is a simple, single compartment hanging bag that is fully lined with loops and comes with multiple removable loop holders to organize gear. The ROM offers a unique quick disconnect feature that allows it to be "removed" from its mounting plate through the use of friction fasteners. When combined with a dedicated poster like the Maximus, it can be used as a larger compartment for more comprehensive first aid kits. The Redwire EMR is also paired with the proprietary demo bag, which we fill with chemical lights, strobes, and sport smoke for a low-light capable emergency signal kit. Individual gear loads are very personal and mission/need specific, but the hanging pockets allow for an exponential increase in storage without adding bulk to the front.

These are by no means the only options available in each category. There are many companies that offer a variety of bags, banners, harnesses, and hanging bags. But these examples give a good overview of the different types of carriers, their uses, and the different options that can be assembled to create the perfect Goldilocks for your armor and cargo hauling wants and needs.


Some notes on the blackboards

The armor plates, protection stats, and cut/size alone could fill an entire article, but since we're talking about aircraft carriers, we wanted to cover some of the plate variations and whatnot.

For brevity, we'll talk about class III and IV plate, skipping rolled sheet steel, which, despite its low cost, comes with a number of drawbacks, including significant weight and increased risk of breakage. Of course, steel plates certainly offer better protection than no plate at all, but they're not our first choice as there are ceramic and polymer alternatives.

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) has established a standardized armor plate testing protocol, which has been the national model for many years. The two main levels of hard plate protection for rifles specified by the NIJ are Level III and Level IV. The best result is that it complies with the NIJ.Tier III plates were intended to defeat six rounds of 7.62x51mm NATO ball ammunition, similar to the commercial .308 Winchester. Tier IV plates must stop between one and six rounds of 7.62 x 63mm NATO (.30-06) M2 armor-piercing ammunition. The commercial market has filled the gaps with non-standard levels of protection, such as Tier III+ and "special threat" plates, which supplement the NIJ standards with additional protection against 5.56mm green-tipped armor-piercing or 7.62x54 round cartridges. NATO mm, such as those fired from the Russian Dragunov sniper rifle or PKM machine gun.Before purchasing hard armor plates, be sure to carefully read the manufacturer's protection ratings to ensure they meet your personal needs.Please also note that while many boards are considered "NIJ compliant", they may not have been independently tested and certified as NIJ compliant. Always double check the manufacturer's documentation for test results, or search for the most recent Compliant Armor list at

From the end-user perspective, most people are concerned with a few key issues: cost, level of protection, weight, and thickness. Lighter boards are easier to use for longer periods, but they can also be thicker. Thicker boards can offer more protection, but they also add bulk if concealment is an issue. And all these things affect the price. Below are some examples of cards with different levels of protection and prices. For a direct comparison, we highlight the main dimensions. To keep comparisons as "apples to apples" as possible, all plates are medium with a SAPI cut.

Tier III Primary Armor Plates

Dimensions:10 by 12 inches
thickness:1.1 inches
weight:3.75 pounds per slab
Advertised level of protection:third
Announced threat rounds defeated:

  • 5,56 x 45 mm OTAN M193 FMJ
  • 7,62 x 51 mm M80 FMJ
  • 7,62 x 39 mm FMJ

Preis:$398 (set of 2 – note: sold per panel for $199 each)

Plate Carrier Types: Stronger Than a High Velocity Bullet | WITHDRAWAL FROM THE NETWORK (8)

Walnuts:This is the only board model that Prime Armor sells and we think these boards are a good starting point for balancing price and protection. However, they are so thick that we had to swap out our medium Defense Mechanisms plate holder for a large one just to fit these plates. They are not what we would choose for discreet use. If that's not an issue, a pair of plates is under £8 and under $400, providing good value and protection.

Please note that they do not protect against bullets. These include the ever-popular M855 5.56mm "green tip" ammunition that is widely available on the commercial market and, in our opinion, the armor-piercing ammunition that you are likely to find within US borders. There are also "soft steel core" ammunition in Russian caliber 7.62x39mm, which has a similar capacity. Although less common than the green tip, it still exists and should be considered in the level of protection you choose.

However, we believe that these plates are also an excellent choice for CQB and Shoothouse training courses. These classes generally require students to use shields approved for rifles, but also prohibit the use of any type of armor-piercing ammunition. So Tier III plates hit the spot for a situation that calls for rifle protection, but you know armor-piercing rounds aren't available. Thanks to their lightweight polyethylene construction, these boards can be used for hours and days at a time.

Tier III+ Spartan Armor Plates

Dimensions:10 by 12 inches
thickness:1.1 inches
weight:4.65 pounds per slab
Advertised level of protection:III+
Announced threat rounds defeated:

(Video) Police officer comforts little girl after she asks: 'Are you going to shoot us?' l GMA Digital

  • 5,56 x 45 mm M193 FMJ
  • 7,62 x 39 mm M67 FMJ
  • 7,62 x 51 mm M80 FMJ
  • 5,56 x 45 mm M855/SS109 AP
  • 7.62 x 39mm M43 steel core

Preis:$ 721 (2er-Set)

Plate Carrier Types: Stronger Than a High Velocity Bullet | WITHDRAWAL FROM THE NETWORK (9)

Walnuts: These boards are by far the most expensive on our list. This is a good opportunity to re-emphasize balancing costs against other factors. On the surface, it might make sense that higher levels of protection come with higher costs. But really, it's a combination of protection and weight that drives the cost.

The Level IV tags listed on the next page offer better protection, but these Level III+ tags are significantly lighter and have almost the same protection. In fact, the only difference in protection between these Tier III+ and Tier IV plates is .30-06 armor penetrations. Unless you're hoping to engage in a firefight with opponents wielding M1 Garand rifles, Tier III+ plates will thwart anything you can find in the United States, and they're almost 5 pounds lighter than their Stage IV counterparts. important? A loaded 30-round AR magazine weighs 1 pound. A 100-ounce bladder of water weighs more than 6 pounds. Then add pistol mags, smoke grenades, radios, or whatever else you have in your loadout. Depending on what your equipment looks like, the extra money and a little sacrifice in level of protection can give you a more comfortable and complete setup that meets all your needs.

As mentioned above, Level III+ is not an official NIJ classification. On this scale, these cards are only classified as Tier III because they don't cover the 0.30-06 AP turns mentioned above. However, if you see this plus sign or other notices such as "Special Threat Classification" in a product description, be sure to read which specific calibers/cartridges are covered by that sign.

Tier IV Maps:

Here are two examples of Tier IV plates, both from Hoplite Armor. We wanted to show you how even two equally rated cards from the same manufacturer can offer tradeoffs in size and cost. Hoplite has a wide range of plates in different levels of protection. The two models shown here are #26149 and #26135 respectively. The main difference at first glance is that the 26149 SAPI cutting boards are covered with a thin fabric edge, while the 26135 Schwimmer cutting boards are covered with a rigid Line-X coating.

Plate Carrier Types: Stronger Than a High Velocity Bullet | WITHDRAWAL FROM THE NETWORK (10)

Why is the outer layer important? If you've ever seen a picture of a fired slab, you've seen a light, almost flaky substance that looks like it will disintegrate and fall out of the bullet hole like crushed plaster. This is normal as the composite material is crushed/sacrificed to protect the user. Hoplite says that using the Line-X coating instead of cloth helps keep that material together and inside the board, which improves the 26135's multi-hitting ability.

Plate Carrier Types: Stronger Than a High Velocity Bullet | WITHDRAWAL FROM THE NETWORK (11)

The cloth-covered 26149 is still capable of multiple hits. The hard shell is simply an extension of that ability.

Stage IV Hoplite Armor Plates


  • 26149 - Medium (Cut SAPI)
  • 26135 - Medium (Swimmer Cut)


  • 26149 - 12,5" x 9,5".
  • 26135 - 11.3 x 9.6 inches


  • 26149 - 0.74 inch
  • 26135 - 0.74 inch


  • 26149 7.65 pounds per slab
  • 26135 - 6.7 pounds per slab

Plate Carrier Types: Stronger Than a High Velocity Bullet | WITHDRAWAL FROM THE NETWORK (12)

(Video) Firearms Facts: The 9mm Confusion

Advertised level of protection (both models):4

Announced threat rounds defeated (both models):

  • 5,56 x 45 mm OTAN M193 FMJ
  • 7,62 x 51 mm OTAN FMJ
  • 5,56 x 45 mm M855/SS109 AP
  • 7.62x51mm OTAN-AP
  • API de 7,62 x 39 mm
  • 7.62 x 39mm M43 steel core
  • 7,62 x 54 mm R L/LPS/B-32 API
  • .30-06 M2AP


  • 26149 – $479 (2nd-Set)
  • 26135 - $399 (2nd-Set)

Walnuts:If you choose a protractor like First Spear's Slick, which is made of a very finely woven material, the rough Line-X coating on the 26135 can eventually damage the protractor. A slippery, ultralight baby carrier that moves on its own (no chest attachments or pockets attached) can make heavier fabric-backed panels an acceptable compromise. But when you're running a larger carrier with four or five loaded magazines and additional gear, the 2-pound difference between these sets of plates becomes a bit more significant.

Plate Carrier Types: Stronger Than a High Velocity Bullet | WITHDRAWAL FROM THE NETWORK (13)


Again, your armor plates are part of a larger shipment. The key to long-term success with minimal effort and spending twice is to research ahead of time and piece together your components into a cargo-carrying/protection system that meets all of your needs. The size, weight, thickness and level of protection affect the selection of the plate. Cargo requirements and camouflage/stance requirements are likely to be critical factors for license plate holders. The examples shown here are not an exhaustive list of what is available on the market, but rather a selection of some of the different combinations that can be achieved..

[Editor's Note: Photography by Patrick McCarthy. This article first appeared in OFFGRID #42.]

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Plate Carrier Types: Stronger Than a High Velocity Bullet | WITHDRAWAL FROM THE NETWORK (15)

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    What is the strongest plate armor? ›

    NIJ Level IV body armor is the highest level of ballistic protection, according to the National Institute of Justice. There are hundreds of body armor companies that sell personal ballistic protection.

    What brand plate carrier do Navy Seals use? ›

    The plate carrier most often seen is the Crye Precision AVS, although JPCs, slick carriers and chest rigs have also been used.

    What is the best ballistic plate material? ›

    The top-tier material is boron carbide, a high-density material that is both lightweight and reliable, reaching up to level IV NIJ protection rating. One of the downsides of a ceramic ballistic plate is what happens when a bullet hits it.

    What brand plate carrier does the military use? ›

    The Soldier Plate Carrier System (SPCS) (also known as KDH Magnum TAC-1) in MultiCam pattern is the standard- issued US Army plate carrier. The current Air Force plate carrier is the Tyr Tactical EPIC plate carrier.

    What are the strengths of plate armor? ›

    The major advantage of solid plate armor is that it can stop any type of weapon prior to the development of blackpowder fire arms. Slashing, stabbing and most bludgeoning attacks can be stopped by a good piece of plate armor.

    Is there a Level 5 body armor? ›

    06 Standard, there are five protection levels (IIA, II, IIIA, III, IV). The “A” in levels IIA and IIIA means that the body armor is more effective than the level below it, but doesn't meet the standards of the next level.

    What plate carrier does the FBI use? ›

    FBI Body Armor Kits Contract

    Tactical & Survival Specialties, Inc. (TSSi) announced that after a stringent selection process, it has been awarded the twelve-month contract for personal body armor kits for the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

    What plate carrier does Delta Force use? ›

    Plate Carrier and Pouches

    That being said, I've seen the Crye Precision JPC 2.0 most commonly, followed by the Crye Precision SPC. They are also arranged according to each operator's preferences and speciality. Medics, breachers, and assaulters will all have different set ups that allow them to do their job the best.

    What plate carrier does USMC Recon use? ›

    The Scalable Plate Carrier (SPC) is a plate carrier used by the United States Marine Corps as an alternative to the heavier Modular Tactical Vest (MTV).

    What is the most advanced military armor? ›

    SAPI and ESAPI are the most technically advanced body armor fielded by the U.S. military, and are constructed of boron carbide ceramic with a Spectra shield backing that breaks down projectiles and halts their momentum.

    What is the strongest body armor in the world? ›

    Level IV armor is the highest rating of body armor currently available, and it will stop armor-piercing rifle threats. It can withstand up to 30-06 M2ap steel core armor-piercing rounds with a mass of 166 grains and a velocity of 2880 ft/s.

    What kind of plate carriers do Swat use? ›

    Tactical Overt Carriers

    For this reason, the SWAT and tactical teams often use overt bulletproof vests, when they go into the field.

    What is the most popular plate carrier? ›

    • DL Plate Carrier + FLEX FUSED CORE SOFT ARMOR PLATES by Spartan Armor Systems.
    • TacTec Plate Carrier by 5.11 Tactical.
    • Modular Operator Plate Carrier by Condor Outdoor.
    • Modular Plate Carrier by LBX Tactical.
    • Banshee Elite 2.0 Plate Carrier by Shellback Tactical.
    Oct 17, 2022

    What plate carrier is best for infantry? ›

    Crye Precision JPC 2.0. The Crye JPC is used by everyone from Navy SEALs to Army Rangers to SWAT officers to yours truly. The Jumpable Plate Carrier has a close fit and offers excellent mobility. Plus, the average infantryman can scale it down for general-purpose use.

    What is the most protective armor? ›

    Bulletproof vests at Levels I-IIIa use soft materials like Kevlar®, which are incredibly strong and can trap and slow bullets to a complete stop. A bulletproof vest at Level IIIa can stop the vast majority of ammunition used in handguns and is the strongest soft body armor available.

    What is the best armour for strength? ›

    The best armor for a strength build is Blaidd's armor set. By completing Blaidd's questline in Elden Ring, this can be earned from the first encounter in Mistwood Ruins to the final one near Ranni's Chamber. After defeating him, he will drop his massive greatsword and armor set.

    What level plates are the best? ›

    Level 4 body armor plates offer the most protection of any other threat-protection level that our government recognizes. However, there is a lot of misunderstanding around the type of plate that most soldiers wear.

    What is level 7 body armor? ›

    UL 752 Level 7 Bullet-Resistant Barriers

    Most commonly used as a protection barrier against multiple shots from a military assault rifle, such as the M-16, and the like, with muzzle energy of 1158-1402 foot-pounds (1570-1901J).

    What level body armor does Russia use? ›

    GOST armor standard (Russia) GOST R 50744-95 is the Russian Federation standard for body armor. Prior to the 2017 revision, the threat levels ran from 1 to 6.

    What level armor do cops wear? ›

    What level body armor do police wear? Most patrol officers choose to wear level IIIA soft armor vests for their everyday wear while on duty. But this is often supplemented with level III and IV 5 x 8 or 7 x 9 hard plates that can come in small form factors for inclusion with everyday duty wear.

    What plate carrier does the Russian army use? ›

    Plate Carrier "Nazgul"

    The "Nazgul" plate carrier provides a high area of protection from bullets and shrapnel.

    Does the US military use ceramic or steel plates? ›

    The US military uses ceramic plates for their rifle-rated plates. Having a plate for protection prevents blunt force trauma and stops rounds outside of Kevlar's certified threat level of protection.

    Is Delta Force the most elite unit? ›

    SEAL Team 6, officially known as United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), and Delta Force, officially known as 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D), are the most highly trained elite forces in the US military.

    How heavy is a USMC plate carrier? ›

    The plate carrier alone will weigh 7lbs at least and can go up to 30. When you include the helmet, arms, mags, and all the additional gear, these can add up really quickly.

    What gear does DEVGRU use? ›

    DEVGRU famously used the HK 416 when they killed bin Laden. The HK 416 is very similar to the M4.

    What vest do Marsoc use? ›

    Proprietary to Bushido Tactical's tactical product line, all of our plate carriers and ITUS tactical vests are permanently attached with the revolutionary, Patented WARSOC™ or WARSOC™ buckle system which provides a faster, yet effortless accelerated deployment option.

    Is USMC Recon Special Forces? ›

    Force Reconnaissance (FORECON) is one of the United States Marine Corps' special operations capable forces (SOC) which supplies military intelligence to the command element of the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF).

    What Mos is Force RECON? ›

    Force RECON is overseen directly by the Marine Corps. Recon Marines have a military occupation specialty code of 0321.

    What is the newest body armor technology? ›

    TenCate Advanced Armour has introduced the Cratus Wave, a new thin Level III body armor ballistic insert with a patented design that redirects the pressure wave trapped between the wearer and the hard armor plates that are inserted into the front and back pockets of body armor carriers, thereby reducing the back face ...

    What body armour can stop 50 cal? ›

    The U.S. Army's new Modular Scalable Vest armor plate. The U.S. Army's Modular Scalable Vest is capable of stopping 7.62-millimeter rounds, but weighs a total of 22.6 pounds. About one and a quarter inch of AR500-grade steel plate will stop a . 50 caliber bullet but steel is extremely heavy.

    Can civilians own Level 4 body armor? ›

    There are no extra body armor regulations in California besides the federal laws. Adults can buy and use bulletproof vests and other body armor, except adults with felony convictions.

    Can Civilians Buy Level 3 armor? ›

    A civilian may purchase any level of body armor they wish, from level IIA to level IV. There is no level 5 body armor. If you are a resident of Connecticut, you are not allowed to purchase body armor outside of a face-to-face transaction, but all body armor is still legal for civilians to own.

    Who has the most advanced military hardware? ›

    The country with the most advanced military technology is the United States of America (USA). Russia, China, France, and the United Kingdom are the other countries with the most advanced military technology in the world.

    What can level 4 armor not stop? ›

    Level IV is the highest rifle plate rating under the NIJ personal body armor specs at this time. A level IV must stop a single hit of 7.62MM AP “Black Tip”, which is effectively a . 30-06 Armor Piercing bullet.

    What level body armor stops rifle rounds? ›

    Level III body armor can defeat rifle caliber bullets, such as 7.62mm and non-military grade 5.56mm bullets. Level III armor is what I recommend for daily use for police officers, security guards, and federal law enforcement agents (F.B.I., A.T.F., and N.S.A.).

    Does Dragon Skin armor work? ›

    Official results of these tests are classified. According to the Army, the vests failed because the extreme temperature tests caused the discs to dislodge, thus rendering the vest ineffective.

    What bullets can a plate carrier stop? ›

    On their own, they can stop bullets like 9mm, . 40 caliber, . 357 Magnum, and even a . 44 Magnum, depending on the level of protection of the vest defined by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ).

    What is the most used plate carrier by special forces? ›

    The LBT 6094 is one of the most-used plate carriers in the Special Operations community, especially those in Tier 1 units such as DEVGRU and Delta. Tier 1 guys are issued several different plate carriers because they have a wide variety of missions from direct action, to more covert requirements, like surveillance.

    What makes a plate carrier jumpable? ›

    Although there are a few conditional exceptions, there are three things that every jumpable plate carrier must have: Very light and fitting. Allowing for a full range of movement. Capable of perfect balance.

    Does the military use hesco plates? ›


    HESCO® products have been protecting brave men and women in the military for more than 20 years.

    What are the different levels of plate carriers? ›

    The NIJ classifies body armor in to 5 distinct levels: Level IIA, Level II, Level IIIA, Level III and Level IV; by their ability to prevent specified rounds at predetermined velocities.

    What is the strongest Minecraft armour? ›

    Netherite armor is the strongest armor in Minecraft, but it is not easy to find. Players will only get Netherite from one place: the Nether. Netherite ingots are needed to create Netherite armor.

    What is the strongest armour in the world? ›

    Scientists in Israel have developed the hardest organic material known to man. Tougher than stainless steel and even the previous record holder, bulletproof Kevlar, the transparent material is similar to the beta-amyloid proteins found in patients with memory-robbing Alzheimer's disease.

    What is the strongest metal armour? ›

    As far as pure metals go, tungsten has the highest tensile strength, with an ultimate strength of 1510 megapascals. Tungsten also has the honor of having the highest melting point of any unalloyed metal and the second highest melting point in the whole periodic table—only carbon can withstand hotter temperatures.

    What body armor do Navy Seals use? ›

    SAPI and ESAPI are the most technically advanced body armor fielded by the U.S. military, and are constructed of boron carbide ceramic with a Spectra shield backing that breaks down projectiles and halts their momentum.

    What is Level 7 body armor? ›

    UL 752 Level 7 Bullet-Resistant Barriers

    Most commonly used as a protection barrier against multiple shots from a military assault rifle, such as the M-16, and the like, with muzzle energy of 1158-1402 foot-pounds (1570-1901J).

    What is the rarest Minecraft armor? ›

    The rarest armor in Minecraft is chain mail as it is not able to be crafted by the player.

    What is the second strongest armor in Minecraft? ›

    Types of Armor

    Leather is the weakest armor, followed by Gold, then Chain and Iron. Diamond is the toughest armor available in Minecraft.

    What is the 3rd strongest block in Minecraft? ›

    A block only found in The End, this mottled white block can be mined with a Pickaxe and taken home after you've gotten a portal from a defeated Ender Dragon. It is the third strongest block for explosion resistance (only under Bedrock and Obsidian), but can be destroyed by explosions.

    Is there graphene armor? ›

    Graphene in body armor provides an extraordinary level of protection. Graphene can produce energy rapidly, conduct electricity and resist heat. It can withstand 10 times greater impact than steel, and it blocks radio waves.

    How good is Russian body armor? ›

    Ratnik protects almost 90% of a soldier's body. The main body armor with plates, designated 6B45 '6Б45', is rated at protection class 6, according to GOST R 50744-95, and weighs 7.5 kg (with the Assault variant weighing up to 15 kg).

    What is the strongest tank armour? ›

    Challenger 2 is considered one of the best-protected tanks in the world, equipped with second-generation Chobham Armor, a composite matrix of ceramic and metal with superior qualities over typical steel-rolled homogeneous armor.

    What is the strongest metal on earth 2022? ›


    Tungsten, which is Swedish for "heavy stone," is the strongest metal in the world. It was identified as a new element in 1781. It is commonly used to make bullets and missiles, metal evaporation work, manufacturing of paints, creating electron and Television tubes, and making glass to metal seals.

    What is the top 5 strongest metal? ›

    The five strongest metals
    • Osmium. One of the less well-known metals on the list, osmium is a bluish white colour, extremely tough and has a melting point of 3030 degrees celsius. ...
    • Steel. ...
    • Chromium. ...
    • Titanium. ...
    • Tungsten.


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