Crye Precision JPC vs. CPC: A Comparative Review (2023)


To me, JPC and CPC are pretty much on opposite ends of the license plate spectrum:

  • At JPC, less is more; should not be very loaded
  • CPC, on the other hand, distributes weight excellently but adds volume.

I've been using JPC and CPC in different configurations for a long time, so I feel comfortable making comparisons between the two.

Crye Precision JPC vs. CPC: A Comparative Review (1)Crye Precision JPC vs. CPC: A Comparative Review (2)

I use multi-curve ceramic tiles on both supports, weighing 2.4 kg per tile.

As for the configuration of the bag, I like to stick as close as possible to the reference photos. However, my reference calendar in this context is quite broad. It follows that I don't like to clone a specific person's setup, but instead draw from various sources and create my own interpretation.

Also note that MOLLE gives you the ability, not the obligation, to put together a pouch.

This is especially true for JPC.

JPC (Jump Table Loader)

I basically use JPC for what it was designed for: minimalist loading.

While I don't jump out of a plane (the "jumpable" part), I never pack my waistline with useless bags.

Crye Precision JPC vs. CPC: A Comparative Review (3)Crye Precision JPC vs. CPC: A Comparative Review (4)

If you need more than the basics on your body, the JPC isn't that license plate holder.

Because of this, I think JPC is the best choice for CQB scenarios or short attack themed events.

(Video) Crye Precision Plate Carrier Options - AVS/SPC/JPC 1.0 and 2.0


The JPC is a lightweight plate carrier that no longer lends itself to weight distribution. A lot of people say it's uncomfortable. However, it's important to set it up properly before making a decision.

In the past I had my setup all wrong. I only knew because it was pointed out to me. The plates slide over your body with JPC. For this reason, the height of the plate is crucial for transport.

My trial and error recommendation is to place both tables high. For reference, this means that the top edge of the faceplate should be roughly flush with the jugular notch (see image below).

In the real world, this place protects your vital organs:Crye Precision JPC vs. CPC: A Comparative Review (5)


Once you accept that the jugular notch is a solid reference point, you'll notice many instances of people lowering their pelvis a little. I was one of them, but it's about learning. Of course, milsim is not a matter of life and death, but there is the aspect of realism and, above all, comfort.

As for the grips, I miss JPC's Hypalon structures on all other plate holders. It feels like they're not even there, not getting in my way as I shoulder my rifle.

Important Note: It is important to balance both sides of the JPC when carrying larger or heavier items. If you wore it asymmetrically, you would actually feel it on one shoulder more than the other.

It's also worth noting that when you add side panels, the weight of the carrier is better distributed across your chest, not just your shoulders.

current configuration

I put a Paraclete banner on the front of my JPC inspired by a recent CAG photo in Syria. For installation information, seeThe reptile house,on here.

Crye Precision JPC vs. CPC: A Comparative Review (6)Crye Precision JPC vs. CPC: A Comparative Review (7)

I like this better than the built in JPC kangaroo pouch as it exposes more surface area of ​​the magazine to grab.

(Video) Crye JPC 2.0 vs Crye Airlite SPC

I added a triple paraclete pocket on my back. Like the poster, I sewed it up with paracord so it would stand upright. It saves space and is more convenient for a friend to use.

My attitude, which never changes:

  • 2 radio wing pockets
  • 2 x 6 x 6 side plate pockets
  • Skelettband
  • 148 radius left side
  • S&S snipers

All other scholarships vary by event.

The radio setup is ideal in my opinion in combination with the pockets on the wings.

I would like to emphasize that as a great professional. The JPC allows you to set up your entire radio in the faceplate pocket under the waistband, eliminating the need to untangle radio cables or swap out an antenna on your shoulder pads.

Crye Precision JPC vs. CPC: A Comparative Review (8)Crye Precision JPC vs. CPC: A Comparative Review (9)

This is a big problem if you have to turn your carrier on and off regularly.

Lately I've been relocating the antenna to the shoulder pads, but in the future I will order an antenna relocation kit and place the antenna under the faceplate pocket on the right side of the backplate. This is to make a montage inspired by the CAG "Mali" photos.

JPC Proso

  • As discreet as it is, it still offers adequate protection
  • In my opinion the best shoulder straps ever designed; They never interfere with your rifle and are useful for cable management
  • Softshell bottom panel pockets give the multi-curved panel shape the ability to conform to your body
  • The waist band design is easily adjustable and fits your body snugly without severe constriction when you take a deep breath. It remains motionless on the body even in unconventional positions.
  • The flat back panel makes it perfect for vehicle operation or when using an assault pack: it doesn't make it more comfortable, but it does limit the profile and the risk of entanglement.
  • Side pockets added to the front panel pocket allow for quick and easy on and off. You don't have to deal with cables for your communication
  • Relatively cheap for a high-end disk carrier, especially considering Crye's recent price drop
  • Easy to carry when not in use; packable

Crye Precision JPC vs. CPC: A Comparative Review (10)


  • One of the biggest disadvantages of the JPC is that there is no ventilation for the plate pockets. He doesn't actually breathe when the plates are pressed against his chest.
  • It's starting to get stale. JPC 2.0 added all the little things that were missing in JPC 1.0 and brought it up to the more modern standard (I really miss the back zippers and swappable flaps)
  • No emergency withdrawal
  • Unforgivable by unbalanced loading and assembly

CPC (CAGE plate carrier)

The CPC is designed to distribute the weight of the rack itself, its plates and all of its contents to the top trunk. It can be used in conjunction with the STKSS system in combination with a suitable belt to further distribute the weight on the hips.

Crye Precision JPC vs. CPC: A Comparative Review (11)Crye Precision JPC vs. CPC: A Comparative Review (12)


CPC is much more forgiving in terms of tuning and load balancing compared to JPC; it needs little configuration. That means you can charge to the max and explore unconventional setups without sacrificing comfort.

(Video) Crye CPC 2020 Quick Review

However, the trade-off for this is huge. Even without a full set of side plates, you'll find that it adds a deep profile under the arms. Although JPC does not appear to be present in the profile, when used, CPC appears much clearer than it actually is.

In hand, I'm often surprised at how heavy the CPC is when fully loaded. However, if you adjust the harness correctly, the weight just disappears! You will feel it in your muscles the next day, believe me 🙂

It's like a big hug in the form of a plate holder.

One of the key features of CPC vs JPC is their semi-rigid panels.

These are located in the front panel pocket and on the strap that wraps around the rest of the wearer's body, over the shoulders and around the chest. Very similar to the internal structure of high quality backpacks, they form a kind of exoskeleton, making it more comfortable to carry heavier weights.

The CPC also comes complete with pads. Again, they look like miniature versions of the 3D shaped ventilated back panel of a backpack. In combination with the padding and the elastic fabric on the back of the CPC harness, the frame slats press firmly over the entire upper body.

Crye Precision JPC vs. CPC: A Comparative Review (13)

Sounds devastating, but it's actually quite nice. It feels more like a big hug than a choke hold.

The cool thing here is the way the CPC, while hugging your torso, moves with you and adjusts with your breath. While it is possible to restrict breathing by wearing a very tight JPC, the CPC can be worn tighter as the stretchy fabric at the back makes it dynamic. The weft runs the full length of the back and the backplate pocket sits on top of it, not to the side of the wearer like the JPC.

Crye Precision JPC vs. CPC: A Comparative Review (14)

CPC is also very ventilated compared to JPC. The cushions create vents that improve passive airflow. In fact, I use PIG pontoons instead of the crye pads that come with my CPC (and AVS) because I find them more comfortable.

Also the opening at the back of the CPC harness, covered with the stretch fabric, is useful as it allows better cooling.

However, with lots of sun and heat, I always want to bang my head over my head for using CPC; I wish I had less stuff on me and choose the lightly decorated JPC instead.

(Video) Crye Precision JPC/Flyye JPC/Semapo Gear NJPC comparison review Part 1

current configuration

My attitude, which never changes:

  • Soft Armor Sideplates (Training Dummies)
  • 148 on the left side in the integrated radio pocket in the waistband
  • S&S snipers
  • Telha M4 on the support side
  • Trinkrucksack 2-3l

All other scholarships vary by event.

In this vest, unlike JPC, I can add more properties without being penalized.

I tend to carry a double M4 mag pouch on my right side in case I need more mags.

Crye Precision JPC vs. CPC: A Comparative Review (15)

I also did an IFAK on my left side. However, this has now been delivered to my front line.

I use either a zippered MOLLE panel or an assault panel on the back as needed.

I perform the front without adding additional pockets. This parallels my school of thought on how to set up a plate rack. A smooth front means a lower profile that leans toward the ground. Emergency charges should be done from the first line, the second line is for charging the first line when you have a chance.


  • Extremely load and assembly tolerant. It will be comfortable all the time, whatever it is. Comfortable to carry more
  • Lots of built-in functions and features
  • The back panel separates from the user's body, adding comfort and ventilation to the back.
  • Lots of usable PALS
  • The shoulder pads are top notch when it comes to comfort.
  • LIKE A BIG HUG: Wear it as tight as you like, the harness' dynamic configuration means it moves with you and lets you breathe easily; even during exertion
  • emergency trigger function

Crye Precision JPC vs. CPC: A Comparative Review (16)

In contrast

  • voluminous
  • Difficult to carry when not in use and cannot be packed
  • Limited modularity due to wiring harness and construction.
  • Integrated radio pockets sit at the waist. This is a minor issue, but if you're carrying a wired radio or antenna on your shoulder strap, you'll need to disconnect all of that before removing the base.
  • Getting dressed takes a long time
  • Caro

consequencesMilsipedidosin Instagram

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Click for a detailed review of JPC 2.0on here.

(Video) Chaleco TMC vs Crye Precision

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Is the JPC 2.0 comfortable? ›

Comfort – Good (4/5): From a comfort aspect, the JPC 2.0 had a fully adjustable cummerbund and shoulder straps that could be adjusted to ensure both the fit and the plates were appropriately positioned.

How much does a Crye JPC weigh? ›

The JPC 2.0™ is a lightweight and minimal armor vest designed for maximum mobility, weight savings, and packability. At just over one pound for the entire carrier, the JPC 2.0™ offers a variety of configuration options to suit an operator's needs in terms of protection, modularity, and comfort.

What does JPC stand for plate carrier? ›

The Jumpable Plate Carrier (JPC) is a tactical/ballistic vest of American origin. It may be equipped with most armoured plates or soft armour.

When did the Crye JPC come out? ›

Introduction. First displayed at SHOT Show in 2010, the Crye Precision Jumpable Plate Carrier (JPC) went into production in 2011.

Does the military use Crye Precision? ›

Crye Precision products stand out from the competition due to their durability, comfort, and savings in weight. Are Crye products authorized for wear? Yes and no. It is not the standard issue uniform for the US Army and Air Force but it utilizes the same OCP Scorpion W2 camouflage.

Is Crye Precision the best? ›

The Crye Precision Uniform proved to be the most durable, with the best performances in five out of seven tests. Arc'teryx LEAF placed second, but did not significantly outperform the standard issue Army uniform.

What plate carrier Do navy seals wear? ›

The plate carrier most often seen is the Crye Precision AVS, although JPCs, slick carriers and chest rigs have also been used.

What is the best Crye plate carrier? ›

  • DL Plate Carrier + FLEX FUSED CORE SOFT ARMOR PLATES by Spartan Armor Systems.
  • TacTec Plate Carrier by 5.11 Tactical.
  • Modular Operator Plate Carrier by Condor Outdoor.
  • Modular Plate Carrier by LBX Tactical.
  • Banshee Elite 2.0 Plate Carrier by Shellback Tactical.
Oct 17, 2022

What plate carrier does the USMC use? ›

The Scalable Plate Carrier (SPC) is a plate carrier used by the United States Marine Corps as an alternative to the heavier Modular Tactical Vest (MTV).

What plate carrier do Green Berets use? ›

Some are wearing personally procured carriers, some have older carriers, but I have consistently seen SF guys wearing Crye JPC 2.0 plate carriers. The guy on the machine gun is wearing a Crye JPC. It is a very popular plate carrier across many military and tactical police units, for good reason.

What plate carrier does the Air Force use? ›

The Soldier Plate Carrier System (SPCS) (also known as KDH Magnum TAC-1) in MultiCam pattern is the standard- issued US Army plate carrier. The current Air Force plate carrier is the Tyr Tactical EPIC plate carrier.

Who owns Crye Precision? ›

Caleb Crye and Gregg Thompson, a School of Art graduate ('97) and an Albert Nerken School of Engineering graduate ('00) respectively, formed a business fourteen years ago that perfectly wedded the art and science of their alma mater.

How fast does Crye Precision ship? ›

Note that in-stock orders are generally processed within 2-3 business days. UPS expedited shipping methods apply to the transit time from the assigned ship date.

Who makes the new USMC plate carrier? ›

Vertical Protective Apparel, LLC, of Shrewsbury, New Jersey, was awarded a $62,612,464 firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract to produce and deliver the PC Gen IIIs. A maximum quantity of 225,886 will be delivered, and the work will be completed by September 2023.

Does Crye own MultiCam? ›

MultiCam is a camouflage pattern designed for use in a wide range of environments and conditions which was specifically developed and is produced by American company Crye Precision.

What SAPI plates does the military use? ›

The U.S. military wears only NIJ-Listed Level 4 plates in active combat environments, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and small conflicts in Africa and South America. The reason they always wear 4 is the protection it offers versus Level 3 plates.

Do Navy Seals wear MultiCam? ›

The NWU Type II or AOR1 variant has been used across all seasons of SEAL Team and across a wide range of environments. Typically it has been seen both in full use as a uniform but also mixed with Multicam and Multicam Arid, something that the operators are able to do through personal choice.

Can you tailor Crye Precision pants? ›

The sides are adjustable so you can tailor its exact fit to your needs, once set you can leave them as they are and they won't budge. Hypalon type material pull tabs keep the Velcro in place.

Do Crye Precision pants shrink? ›

However, Crye's assertion is true. After a wash at 40 degrees C, followed by drying on a radiator, shrinkage is extremely noticeable.

What does Crye stand for? ›

The ancient name of Crye finds its origins with the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of Britain. It comes from a name for a town crier, or for an officer of a court who made public announcements.

Is the Crye Avs comfortable? ›

The Crye AVS Detachable Flap, M4 makes it easy to fit in the M4 magazines – one per flap. Once you're properly kitted up, the Crye AVS is very stable, comfortable and gives you plenty of movement capability.

What is the best plate carrier? ›

  • DL Plate Carrier + FLEX FUSED CORE SOFT ARMOR PLATES by Spartan Armor Systems.
  • TacTec Plate Carrier by 5.11 Tactical.
  • Modular Operator Plate Carrier by Condor Outdoor.
  • Modular Plate Carrier by LBX Tactical.
  • Banshee Elite 2.0 Plate Carrier by Shellback Tactical.
Oct 17, 2022

Is the Crye Windliner waterproof? ›

Worn as a shell – over your base or mid-layer – the Windliner is treated with a durable water repellant (DWR). This is a spray-on surface modifier which encourages precipitation to bead on the surface of the item and shed. However, in a downpour the Windliner will wet-out rapidly.

What plate carrier do special forces wear? ›

The Soldier Plate Carrier System (SPCS), known commercially as the KDH Magnum TAC-1, is a plate carrier developed for the U.S. Army which provides protection in accordance with if not greater than, the Improved Outer Tactical Vest. The SPCS is a lighter alternative to the IOTV, with increased mobility and comfort.

How many mags should you carry on your plate carrier? ›

A plate carrier can only fit 3 or 4 rifle magazines, but a soldier's standard combat carry is 7 mags.

Do police use plate carriers? ›

Additionally, while some police officers will prefer to wear external carriers because of both comfort and utility, certain jurisdictions won't allow this to happen. Due to political reasons and public relations, many departments opt to wear armor under the shirt.

How fast is KUIU shipping? ›

Orders typically ship out within 2-3 Business days (not including weekends or U.S. Holidays) from the day they are placed (applies to standard shipping only). Orders with packs are hand assembled at our warehouse and may require additional time before orders containing these items ship, especially during season.

Does Crye have warranty? ›

If a defect in materials or workmanship is found in any of our products, we will repair or replace it, free of charge, for the lifetime of the product. This excludes normal wear and tear. Be aware that the customer is responsible for any and all return shipping charges.

What is Crye GB4? ›

The Crye Precision GB4 Combat Shirt is designed to be worn under body armor, the integrated stretch allows for a slimmer cut with maximum mobility. Zippered shoulder pockets are low profile and engineered to reduce bulk while still allowing room for all essential gear. Zip collar for easy donning/doffing.

Is Crye Precision American? ›

All of Crye Precision's gear is made in America with American materials, outfitting nearly every service member in the U.S. Armed Forces. Their commitment to innovating for our service men and women is an apt reflection of the Brooklyn Navy Yard's own proud heritage and history.

Where are Crye Precision pants made? ›

Shaped knees are reinforced and accept our AIRFLEX™ FIELD KNEE PADS. Fabric is Mil-Spec 50/50 NYCO ripstop. Zip fly. Made in US from US materials.


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