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In this guide and armor tier list, we will take a look at the best Tarkov armor setups and armored chest gear to use in Escape From Tarkov. This article takes material, price, and other factors into account, and covers the benefits of each armor so that you can survive more attacks and use your ruble pool more efficiently.

Armor is an important tool in Tarkov and it's up there withwith the best ammunitionto ensure your survival in the harsh PvPvE world. Like many other mechanics in Tarkov, armor and similar armored equipment can be a confusing mechanic for new and even advanced players. With over 1000 attacks across multiple resets, I'll go over the optimal choices in each armor class and provide a basic overview of the best armor material.Tarkowand other factors (such as armor vs. armored gear) to consider when choosing armor, as of course it's not always possible to carry the most expensive tier 6 armor. If you're currently cleaning and wearing tier 4 armor regularly, I recommend Gigabeef's guide to tier 4 armor by 2022 as a starting point as well:

Tarkov Best Armor Material

Before considering the best custom armor or armored chest gear for your Tarkov raids, it's important to understand the important role material plays and is often one of the most overlooked items when considering armor. The material of your armor in Tarkov has a direct impact on how quickly your on-shot durability decreases (also known as effective durability) and how much durability you can regain through off-attack repairs, which JesseKazam discusses in detail:

ThatWiki TarksThe one mentioned in the video contains the necessary information about it and is regularly updated with new ones.Panos Tarkovand Patches Currently, the best Tarkov protective materials are Aramid, Blended Materials, or Ultra High Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) due to their high effective durability. Steel is also a popular choice because while it doesn't have as high an effective durability, it does have a solid repair. Pilot Reddit user JKX demonstrates this perfectly in his12.9 Armor Durability Image.

Better Armor Rating Factors

The following factors were considered when selecting armor and armor chest gear for this best list. Armor class wasn't a big factor in this guide, as you should always wear the highest armor class you can afford in most situations, unless you're targeting or completing a budget loadout for lootLike Tarkovand therefore this list has been divided into all armor classes.

  • Preis: Purchase price is an important consideration when spending your hard-earned rubles, and pricing efficiency is largely determined by availability and popularity.
  • Material: As discussed above, material is an important consideration due to its impact on effective durability and repair potential.
  • shield zones: Different armors in Tarkov protect different parts of the body, from the chest, abdomen and arms. Given the current Tarkov armor mechanic that only protects the ribcage, it is generally considered a better option because the armor's durability is not wasted on non-lethal shots to the arms or abdomen, which are healed by surgery after a fight. while the armor is on. Durability is permanently lost on one attack.
  • insurance return– Certain armor in Tarkov offers a higher chance of being returned to players with insurance than others due to their heavy or large size and weight, making it impractical to constantly pull them out of your PMC upon death. Armored equipment is more likely to be taken, for example, since they can store items inside.
  • movement penalties: Each armor in Tarkov has its own movement speed, turn speed, and ergonomic implications that need to be taken into account, as they can affect your attack agility.
  • weight: Closely related to the weight above, it affects your ability to pick up gear from the attack.
  • Inventory size (armored equipment): Different armored platforms offer different sizes and shapes of containers, which should be taken into account with the 2x2 square platforms, which are particularly useful for high value loot items such as power packs.high level helmetso combustible.

If you'd like more information on how these factors apply to all armor in the game (not just the best ones listed below), you canpesticidesarmorclassificationon their 2021 YouTube channel (patch 12.9) is the best feature:

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Tarkov Best Armor Tier 2

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PACA Soft Armor is the best choice for tier 2 armor in Tarkov, although in practice it should rarely be used as its bullet-stopping ability is limited to Shotguns and Scavs. However, it can provide limited early protection, is available at Ragman level 1, and is a useful way to increase your trading reputation with it. A lower half mask swap also allows easy access to this armor if you're really fighting.

Tarkov Best Armor Tier 3

Best Tarkov Armor Tiers List and Guide 2022 - Game Finder (2)


Of all the Tier 3 armor in Tarkov, the ZHUK-3 Compressed Armor is often considered the best, as it is made from UHMWPE for very strong repairs and effective durability. While it cannot be purchased directly from a vendor, it is a common item in Scavs and is generally sold cheaper in Flea Markets and is not looted by most players.

While it won't stop most players with decent ammo on their weapon of choice, it makes for some reliable scavenger armor.

Tarkov Best Tier 4 Armor

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The first armored gadget to make this best armor ladder, and for good reason, this option is a daily work house for most players during Tarkov's early to mid progression cycle. Available starting at Ragman level 2 for a great price, it offers 12 inventory slots and is widely considered the best budget armor in Tarkov.

(Video) The DEFINITIVE 12.12 FULL Body Armor Guide - Escape From Tarkov

Armored gear is a bit let down by its ergonomic drawbacks and the titanium material, which isn't fantastically repairable, typically gives players 2-3 repairs before scrapping it. A comparable piece of equipment that is another good inexpensive alternative is the Eagle Industries "MMAC" Plate Carrier (Ranger Green), which has a minor ergonomic drawback and better effective durability, but is only available through trade-in.

Best Tarkov Armor Tiers List and Guide 2022 - Game Finder (4)


The M1 Armored Gear offers a significant step up from the previous 6B3TM, with reduced movement penalties and significantly more slots, including two 2×2 slots, making it apopular booty run PMCPossibility. The steel material is also very repairable and ensures that you can use it for multiple attacks, which due to its uncomfortably large shape increases the chances that you will return safely.

The cost of the M1 armored gear also remains reasonable, as Ragman reliably trades in Aquamari Flasks, priced at close to 6B3TM above despite trailing Ragman's tier 3. A good alternative to this armor is the similar M2 armored gear, which has comparable (slightly better) overall stats and can sometimes be cheaper depending on cleanup.
Best Tarkov Armor Tiers List and Guide 2022 - Game Finder (5)


Another reliable armored steel device, the TV-110, is available for purchase directly from Tier 4 Ragman, or alternatively as a mid-priced Tier 3 trade-in like the M1 above. The high base durability also gives the armored team strong and effective durability that it can hit in one attack along with two 2×2 slots for its juiciest loot.

Another benefit of the TV-110 is that the armor is limited to the chest, so you won't find wasted durability from gut shots like other tier 4 armored gear.
Best Tarkov Armor Tiers List and Guide 2022 - Game Finder (6)


For those who prefer armor or an armored platform in Tarkov, the best choice for level 4 armor is Trooper, with its UHMWPE material, high durability, and low movement penalty. Keep in mind, however, that your popularity will make you happy to pay a premium for Trooper armor, so bargain hunters should consider the other Tier 4 armor first.

Best Tarkov Tier 5 Armor

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It's often referred to as a Tier 5 armor deal in Tarkov, sold by Tier 3 Prapor. While it can't compete with the Killa-class meta armor below due to its poor durability, the steel material ensures it can survive a few attacks and is rarely taken due to its bulky weight of almost 10 kg.
Best Tarkov Armor Tiers List and Guide 2022 - Game Finder (8)


The most popular of all Tier 5 armor comes from Interchange boss Killa, and it's easy to see why the combination of UHMWPE material and high durability provide reliable protection in many attacks. However, since armor can only be obtained from a single source and can often be damaged by killing Killa, you need to have a large amount of rubles in front of you to obtain it.

Other cost implications are that this armor is very well known and unlikely to stop if a PMC hits your body, even though the armor is built to last due to great repair capabilities.

Best Tarkov Tier 6 Armor

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It's hard to go wrong with level 6 armor when looking for the best Escape From Tarkov armor, as Hexgrid is usually cheaper due to its availability through the ragman trade and lower durability.

However, it's worth noting that due to the UHMWPE material, the Hexgrid has essentially the same effective durability as the Slick Plate Carrier shown below, and therefore offers the best low-cost tier 6 armor option.
Best Tarkov Armor Tiers List and Guide 2022 - Game Finder (10)


The holy grail of Tarkov armor is the plain plate mount, the price of which has risen steadily due to inflation and is generally a fan favorite, largely due to its better durability and repairability. Regardless of which of the two Tier 6 main armors you choose here, you are guaranteed equally good protection against Scav and PMC.

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Sam (Seelyon) has over 1,000 hours, 1,000 raids, 2,000 kills, and a 50% survival rate in Escape From Tarkov (EFT) across multiple clears, landing the elusive Kappa Safe Container in the process. He loves the Tarkov experience and wants to share his insights and knowledge with new players of the game.


What is the best Armour in Tarkov? ›

The Slick plate carrier has been the best body armor in Escape From Tarkov for some time and remains a top choice on patch 12.12. 30. It is level 6, has surprisingly low movement penalties, has 80 durability, and repairs well.

How armor works in Tarkov? ›

Armor simply provides it's protection to specific hitboxes and head "zones", and when those hitboxes are struck by a bullet the armor protects them. So no matter what armor you're wearing they always provide the same area of protection to whatever body parts they say they protect on their inspection screen.

Is scav or PMC better Tarkov? ›

Unless specified by the quest itself, you can also complete quests with your Scav. Contrary to PMCs, when playing as a Scav you'll enter the map when the Raid is in progress (the exact moment varies). This means that the PMCs will also have an advantage in position, and they will be able to loot locations before you.

Should I shoot legs in Tarkov? ›

In Tarkov, it is possible to deplete an enemy's health by repeatedly shooting them in the limbs, legs being the easiest limb to aim for. There is no leg armor in Tarkov, thus making limbs unprotected and vulnerable to all types of ammunition. Therefore, it is easy and cheap to dispose of someone using that technique.

Is it worth it to insure gear Tarkov? ›

Use the insurance system, even at a low level: There's always the chance that your killer won't loot you, or leave it behind as they find better gear. If an AI (Scavs, Scav Raiders or Bosses) kills you, there's a high chance you'll get everything back.

What is slap armor Tarkov? ›

Ops-Core SLAAP armor helmet plate (Tan) (SLAAP) is an additional helmet armor in Escape from Tarkov.

Will level 3 armor stop 556? ›

Level III armor or greater is the best choice for protection among the armors on the CPL. 5.56mm/. 223 Green Tip Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) ammunition has a part steel core.

Should I get level 3 or level 4 armor? ›

The trade-off between the level of protection and wearability is the main point to think about when deciding which armor to wear. Level IV armor is going to be heavier and reduce your mobility, whereas Level III will offer protection against most rifles and pistols and offer better mobility.

Can an AR-15 penetrate a bulletproof vest? ›

These guardians understand an AR-15's mass murder capability — and so should we. AR-15 bullets can penetrate the soft body armor typically worn by police, which is built to stop handgun rounds.

Should I choose Bear or USEC? ›

The biggest and most obvious difference between BEAR and USEC is that BEAR is Russian, whereas USEC is American. This means that their in-game chatter differs; if you don't understand Russian and you pick BEAR, you won't be able to understand what your character is saying in-game.

What is the best bullet in Tarkov? ›

M62. The M62 is a 7.62x51mm type of bullet, which means it can be loaded in some of your marksman and sniper-bolt rifles. Its low recoil and high level of damage make it one of the best ammo you can use in these types of weapons.

Are Scavs friendly? ›

Conversation. When playing as a SCAV, would other AI controlled SCAVs try to kill you? AI scavs are friendly towards you but if you attack an AI scav, they will go hostile on you.

What is the strongest ammo in Tarkov? ›

338 Lapua Magnum. The biggest, baddest bullets in Tarkov, . 338 Lapua Magnum rounds do way more than enough damage to one-shot PMCs to the thorax.

Is lower recoil better in Tarkov? ›

Recoil affects the vertical and horizontal movement of your weapon when firing. Having higher recoil means your gun will move upwards and bounce side-to-side when shooting, usually making it more difficult to land shots on your target.

How do you make millions in Tarkov? ›

7 tips to making more money in 'Escape From Tarkov'
  1. Use your Scav whenever it's off cooldown. ...
  2. Learn which maps are (and aren't) worth looting. ...
  3. Learn where to find valuable loot. ...
  4. Sell what's in your stash. ...
  5. Check Flea Market prices before selling items to vendors. ...
  6. Go to Lighthouse, get rich off Rogues.
Dec 28, 2022

Do helmets help in Tarkov? ›

Headwear in Escape from Tarkov offers multiple purposes. There are vanity items, protective helmets and utility items. Each helmet offers protection for different segments of the head, which becomes an important consideration before heading into combat.

What is Killas armor called? ›

In the second Millennium, the military equipment has received major changes because of new threats and challenges. The highest level of protection was required, so the Russian army needed a reliable body armor. 6b13 was the first Russian assault body armor with a high area of protection.

What does Level 3 armor stop Tarkov? ›

Level III body armor is meant to stop rifle caliber bullets with bullet velocities up to 2,780 ft/sec. A level III body armor plate is a hard insert and is NIJ-LIsted to stop a 7.62x51mm (M80) bullet.

What does vaseline do in Tarkov? ›

The other new craftable is Vaseline, which finally puts Tarkov's shampoo and soap drops to use (since Scavs aren't particularly known for their hygiene, after all). Three soaps, a shampoo, and a pile of meds will now make two Vaselines, which can remove pain, and also lubricate certain types of gear in a pinch.

What is the best weapon in Tarkov? ›

Assault Rifle builds in Escape from Tarkov
  • HK 416A5.
  • AK-47.
  • M4A1.
  • MCX.
Sep 28, 2022

What is the hardest Tarkov boss? ›

By numbers alone, Sanitar is the toughest boss in Tarkov, boasting 1270 HP and two heavily-armed guards.

What gun does Killa use in Tarkov? ›

Killa uses a light machine gun or other automatic weapon to suppress the enemy, while lurking from cover to cover, getting closer to his target for the final push.

What should I always sell in Tarkov? ›

Best items to sell to traders in Escape from Tarkov. What to sell to traders to level up
  • Prapor: guns and gun parts, grenades [best price], ammo, meds, armor, barter items, dogtags, keys.
  • Therapist: barter items [best price], meds [best price], food, dogtags [best price], keys [best price]
Jul 7, 2022

What is the longest shot in Tarkov? ›

562 meters headshot I had 547m headshot with sv before the wipe.

What is the most accurate sniper in Tarkov? ›

Escape From Tarkov: Best Sniper Rifles, Ranked
  • 7 T-5000 (7.62x51mm NATO)
  • 6 AXMC (. 338 Lapua Magnum)
  • 5 SV-98 (7.62x54mmR)
  • 4 VPO-215 (. 366 TKM)
  • 3 M700 (7.62x51mm NATO.
  • 2 DVL-10 (7.62x51mm NATO)
  • 1 Mosin (7.62x54mmR)
Jan 10, 2023

Is there a Level 5 body armor? ›

Level IV body armor will stop pistol rounds, rifle rounds, even 30-06 steel-core armor penetrating rounds! What is the highest-rated body armor? Level IV (4) is the highest rating of personal body armor. There is no such thing as Level V (5) body armor at this time.

Can civilians own level 4 body armor? ›

There are no extra body armor regulations in California besides the federal laws. Adults can buy and use bulletproof vests and other body armor, except adults with felony convictions.


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